White Rolls Royce Ghost

Phantom Finder now have New White Rolls Royce Ghost now available for Hire Nationwide. This hand built Rolls Royce Ghost has become a very popular choice over the last few years and is forever growing.

A relation of the Phantom family, the Ghost is imbued with the same sense of majesty and authority that makes the Phantom so distinctive.


The Ghost has an interesting history – originally named in 1907, the Ghost was a publicity stunt and drove 15,000 miles around the country. Today, the craftsmanship that went into creating a powerful and durable car is evident in the current model. The Ghost has a powerful v12 engine which makes any journey feel effortless, and the air-sprung suspension ensures the car is barely audible. The resulting effect is that of gliding along.


When this sensation is added to the luxury of the interior surroundings of the Ghost, it’s easy to see why we’ve added this stunning car to our collection. Although a smaller frame than the Phantom, the Ghost retains the same sense of openness and spaciousness. The uncluttered interior is beautifully designed; rich leathers, soft carpets, wood trim and chrome detailing combine to provide an aesthetic experience that soothes you along with the smooth ride.


It’s a car that exudes serenity and class, and as such, is definitely the perfect choice for a wedding or a truly unforgettable celebration. The design is such that it accommodates every need of its passenger and driver. Particularly for the passenger, it provides an experience beyond compare – the stunning surroundings also come with the decadent amenities of a high-class car – in car entertainment, vast amounts of space, heated seats and climate control.


The Ghost is a car that looks and feels like it was made for a VIP, and Phantomfinder strive to make you feel as important as you should on your big day.


The Ghost comes in an ethereal white, and the impact is truly memorable. Together with a chauffeur to complete the experience, the Ghost provides the star treatment at an affordable cost. But, much like it’s namesake, it’s a car which will make you understand that seeing really is believing.

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