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If Paris won’t do There’s Always Blackpool

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the entire world. People flock there every year for tourist reasons, to visit EuroDisney and to get married. The thing about Paris is that is it can be very expensive and therefore it might be suitable to find a perfect alternative that looks just as romantic under bright city lights.  But where else in the world has a romantic Tower under the shadow of which you might want to conduct your wedding ceremony? Yes, Blackpool.

Nestled into the north west coast of England, close to the Irish Sea, Blackpool has long been a favourite tourist location and holiday destination. The iconic tower that rises majestically from the Blackpool skyline closely resembles Paris’s Eiffel Tower and was completed in 1894, inspired by its French counterpart.  Standing at five-hundred and eighteen feet tall the spire rises over the entire city and is a beacon of the Lancashire coastline.

If you are looking for an alternative to Paris, you couldn’t do better than Blackpool and there is plenty to do there if you decide to make a vacation of it too. The tower itself offers a ballroom and other attractions that can be incorporated into your wedding plans and there is easy local hire of Rolls Royce Phantom wedding cars if you need a luxurious ride to your wedding venue.

A Little History

Since Blackpool Tower was granted its wedding license hundreds of couple have booked their wedding to take place at the top of the magnificent building. Not only that, but you can also get married outside of the regular 8:00am-6:00pm hours since the one hundred and seventy-six year ban was lifted. Now, Blackpool Tower offers round the clock weddings, so if you want to get married at midnight you can do so, under the stunning city lights. The wedding ceremony room at the Blackpool Tower stands at a height of three hundred and eighty feet inside the five centimeter thick Blackpool Eye glass room.  There, you will have a view of miles of the Lancashire coastline heading both north and south and a full panoramic view of the entire city of Blackpool. As well as that you get to stand on a glass floor—not so much fun if you are terrified of heights—and you take the glass walk around the tower and enjoy seeing the world from a totally new angle.

So, if you have done your figures and you think that Paris might be a little tight on the wedding budget, how about taking a closer look at the Blackpool Tower instead? You might want to take a browse around the tower website and see what else they have to offer.

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