The Old Phantom of London Town

Phantom Wedding CarThere used to be Ghosts all over London Town, but in 1925 a different apparition hit the streets. It was known as the Phantom and had been put there especially to replace the Ghosts. Of course, we are not talking ghouls here, but cars. The Rolls Royce Phantom was the successor to the Silver Ghost, produced between 1906 and 1926. The Ghost, until then, had been stamped as the ‘best car in the world’, an accolade not awarded by Rolls Royce itself, but a car magazine, published in 1907, called ‘Autocar’. From that, the Rolls Royce reputation was sealed and the magazine’s review of the car made it ever more popular. In order to keep up with the changing trends in car manufacturing, Rolls Royce insisted on constantly perfecting new versions of their chassis and valve system to further improve the best driving experience on the road.

Nowadays, Phantom hire in London is highly popular. When the Phantom took over from its predecessor it quickly took the reins and ran with it. In terms of design, the Phantom differed largely from the first model of the Ghost by including a fixed roof. The first Ghost had been a four seat open-top car which, as handsome as it was, was impractical for driving in wet weather. Later models of the Ghost did include a fixed roof, setting a precedent for The Phantom’s entrance in 1925.

As the years rolled on, the Phantom evolved further from new technology and design options and each new model improved the standard and reputation of Rolls Royce even more. By the time the Phantom VI came into production, Rolls Royce had the reputation of being the car of diplomats and Royalty around the world. Many a street parade saw the waving of a famous hand out of the window of a Phantom and many an award ceremony saw stars climbing out of the doors of one. It was truly the car of the stars. Moreover, when it came to the wedding car of choice, many brides, having seen all these stars, would choose the same car for their journey to the wedding.

It is extremely easy to locate a company that offers Phantom hire in London. The densely populated city has as many options as you can imagine for the dream car of your choice for your wedding. When you plan the big day, it is important to choose a luxury car that will serve all your needs. For those who are choosing a traditional or period wedding, a Phantom is ideal, with its luxurious and splendid appearance.

You can search for Phantom hire around London to locate a company close by, who can meet your requirements and get you to the venue on time!

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