Hiring a Phantom in London

London is a massive city with many car hire companies. Most of these companies specialize in specific hire, such as self-drive, chauffeur driven or wedding and function hire.  Some have regular family cars that you can hire for a day, a weekend or longer and others have luxury vehicles that can be hired either with or without a driver.

Wedding car companies often have a fleet of luxury cars at their disposal so that customers can choose one to suit their needs and preference. Rolls Royce, who produce the Silver Ghost, the Silver Shadow and the Phantom, are one of the most popular luxury cars in the world. If Phantom hire in London is your preference, have a look at some of the wedding car hire company websites and find out which of them has a Phantom. You will probably find that many have one in their inventory and they will vary in style and age. All of the Phantoms should be kept pristine and in top luxurious condition.

If your preference is Vintage, some companies will still have vintage Phantoms on their books, and these popular models are still used for many weddings.  The Phantom dates back to 1925; and during its life span has had nine different redesign phases.  If you prefer the modern version, the Phantom has a coupe version with solid top and Drophead for convenience. The Drophead benefits from having a retractable roof that closes down at the touch of a button and folds into a compartment at the rear of the back seats. This model is perfect for a wedding on a warm summer day.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is also synonymous with the Royal family, who still own a Phantom VI in which Kate Middleton traveled to her wedding. The prestige and elegance surrounding the Phantom is a taste of history and tradition as well as being able to offer a modern twist with modern versions of the car. The technology and craftsmanship involved in the making of a Rolls Royce Phantom is second to none and each hand-built model leaves the factory in pristine condition.

When you choose to get married and want to find a company that offers Phantom hire, London will have plenty for you to choose from.  Think about what model of Phantom you need for your wedding or function. Is your wedding a vintage wedding or are you more contemporary in your style? Do you want a car with a retractable roof or do you prefer hard top? Do you want a four door model or two door? How many people will be in the car with you? All these are things to consider before you make the final choice.

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