Hiring a Phantom in London

London is a massive city with many car hire companies. Most of these companies specialize in specific hire, such as self-drive, chauffeur driven or wedding and function hire.  Some have regular family cars that you can hire for a day, a weekend or longer and others have luxury vehicles that can be hired either with or without a driver.

Wedding car companies often have a fleet of luxury cars at their disposal so that customers can choose one to suit their needs and preference. Rolls Royce, who produce the Silver Ghost, the Silver Shadow and the Phantom, are one of the most popular luxury cars in the world. If Phantom hire in London is your preference, have a look at some of the wedding car hire company websites and find out which of them has a Phantom. You will probably find that many have one in their inventory and they will vary in style and age. All of the Phantoms should be kept pristine and in top luxurious condition.

If your preference is Vintage, some companies will still have vintage Phantoms on their books, and these popular models are still used for many weddings.  The Phantom dates back to 1925; and during its life span has had nine different redesign phases.  If you prefer the modern version, the Phantom has a coupe version with solid top and Drophead for convenience. The Drophead benefits from having a retractable roof that closes down at the touch of a button and folds into a compartment at the rear of the back seats. This model is perfect for a wedding on a warm summer day.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is also synonymous with the Royal family, who still own a Phantom VI in which Kate Middleton traveled to her wedding. The prestige and elegance surrounding the Phantom is a taste of history and tradition as well as being able to offer a modern twist with modern versions of the car. The technology and craftsmanship involved in the making of a Rolls Royce Phantom is second to none and each hand-built model leaves the factory in pristine condition.

When you choose to get married and want to find a company that offers Phantom hire, London will have plenty for you to choose from.  Think about what model of Phantom you need for your wedding or function. Is your wedding a vintage wedding or are you more contemporary in your style? Do you want a car with a retractable roof or do you prefer hard top? Do you want a four door model or two door? How many people will be in the car with you? All these are things to consider before you make the final choice.

Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition Revealed!

Just this week Rolls-Royce has revealed a new special edition Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, the Aviator edition which was inspired largely by Rolls-Royce co-founder, Charles Rolls.

It is rumoured that Rolls-Royce have only built 35 models of this brand new edition which they say celebrates “the spirit of human endeavour”; a car in which they pay homage to Rolls, a figure that was not only influential in the automotive world but also in the world of aviation.

The new model features a matt window, grille surround and bonnet and the whole car is finished in matt Aviator grey paint giving it a look of intellect and sophistication. The combination of wood and metal inside can be likened to the interior of an old aeroplanes cockpit, giving the name ‘Aviator’ some substance.

Smaller details inside like an aviation grade clock with blood orange needle tips and black dials for power reserve, speedometer and fuel gauges all add to the aviation theme.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Aviator Collection was unveiled as part of the prestigious 10 day Pebble Beach car show at the Pebble Beach Quail which takes place every year featuring some of the world’s greatest classic and modern cars. This is the first time in history that Rolls-Royce has touched on the aircraft side of the business through their cars and for that we commend them.


Crystal-Covered Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud!

Wowaweewaa! We do love to see a good customised Rolls-Royce here at Phantom Finder and when we saw this next one, we don’t lie when we say our eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets! This customised Rolls-Royce is every bling lover’s dream with a capital D!

Swarovski, a massive company known around the world for their quality and unique cut of crystal that go into making their fantastic jewellery and range of other products, have not only gone ahead and customised this 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud turning it from a silver dream into a sparkly, spangly, stunning crystal dream. The classic beauty has been adorned with around 1 million of the Swarovski cut crystals making it shine with a million colours from all directions, and is definitely a work of art that will make people stop and stare in its tracks.

We’re used to hearing about wealthy millionaires splashing the cash to customise their massively expensive Rolls-Royce cars to stand out even further from the crowd, so we were surprised and impressed to hear that Swarovski have beautified this luxury car even further all in the name of charity. This Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1962 is to be auctioned over the next few months in support of the ‘Help in Motion’ charity which helps drug addicts. Until then, it is on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich, Germany and if you’re in the area then we definitely recommend for you to go along and pay it a visit!

Swarovski have blown us away with this masterpiece and we know whoever becomes the owner of this dazzling beauty will be one very lucky bling King or Queen indeed! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on what happens next… We’re dying to find out ourselves!


Hyperion Resurfaces in Abu Dhabi!

Pininfarina is a custom coach-building company who took a look at the stunning Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe back in 2008, and thought it could do with a few modifications to make it more ‘Pininfarina’ – this is when the Phantom Hyperion was born.

The Hyperion was created for Rolls-Royce collector Roland Hall, and definitely did justice to the Phantom name. There are many custom builders out there modifying and customising Rolls-Royce ultra-luxury cars, but it is fair to say that no customised Rolls-Royce compares to the flashiness and uniqueness of the Hyperion.

In a mystical turquoise blue, the Hyperion has an extended hood resembling the luxury coupes of the 1930’s/40’s. Made with carbon fibre, the car is agile and lightweight yet super-expensive, especially with its solid wooden doors and storage compartments. With a change of headlights and a more stylish, aerodynamic look, the exclusive Hyperion is exquisite and a definite stand-out from the regular Phantom Drophead Couple. Internally, it is more or less the same as the original, with opulent leather interiors but minus the rear seats, making it a 2-seater convertible rather than a 4.

Roland Hall, the original owner, was quick to get bored of the Hyperion however, or maybe he realised he could make a lot of money from it. It recently resurfaced at a dealership in Abu Dhabi with an undisclosed price-tag; good thing too, as from what we’re guessing the price-tag on a vehicle like this could cause serious harm to your health!

If you’re planning a trip to the UAE anytime soon, and have a few million spare pounds lying around then we’d recommend visiting this dealership and getting your hands on this gorgeous, unique Hyperion. If not, then join the rest of us in drooling over this wonderful piece of handicraft!


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Trending Topics, Hashtagging, Retweets: if you don’t know what we’re talking about then get to know, because this is the language of Twitter, the world wide social media phenomena that has taken over the world.

With 100 million active global users, it is estimated that 15.5 million of them reside right here in the UK. That’s a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of tweeting, if you ask us! We’ve given in to the little blue bird too and Phantom Finder now has its very own Twitter account, meaning that you can follow us and tweet us whenever you want.

Bringing you some truly awesome deals on Rolls Royce Phantom hire, Rolls Royce Ghost hire, and Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe hire nationwide, we do what we can to make things easier for our customers. Now with an added Twitter account, you can contact us through Twitter, via email, through Facebook, on the phone and through the website too, so there’s no excuse really!

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Written by Sabah Ismail


Cars fit for any King or ‘Queen’

We are pleased to announce that Phantom Finder now take great pride in providing high class vehicles for hire nationwide, for the celebration of Civil Partnerships.

Gay people have always had to fight twice as hard as everyone else for their rights, so when English law finally made it legal for same-sex couples to ‘marry’, it was a big day for the gay community across the length and breadth of our humble country.

This is why at Phantom Finder we believe that something which people have fought so long to achieve, should be celebrated enormously. It’s not just a celebration of love and the joining of two people, but a celebration of freedom of expression, liberty and justice.

Our cars are the ideal way to add that elegant and classy touch to your big day, as a day as important as this should be commended in ultimate style. With a choice of 3 different classic colours of Rolls Royce Phantom, as well as the Phantom Drophead Coupe and the classic Rolls Royce Ghost for hire, we know we have something that will fit your day perfectly.

Arriving with your very own personal chauffeur, any one of these luxury cars is guaranteed to make you feel like the King or the Queen (no pun intended) that you are on your special day.

So go all out and commemorate this truly momentous day by allowing yourself to travel in ultimate luxury. Call Phantom Finder today!

Phantom Finder on Facebook!

Phantom Finder on Facebook!

Phantom Finder is your one stop shop for the best deals in luxury car-hire and chauffeuring services, with some of the best deals on Rolls Royce hire nationwide. Working hard to fulfil our customers’ needs and striving to improve our already excellent service, we’re always looking for new ways to make contacting and liaising with us easier for existing and potential new clients. This is why we’re very pleased to announce that Phantom Finder now has its very own page on Facebook!

With nearly 30 million Facebook users in the UK alone, we know this is one of the best ways for us to keep up to date with our customers and vice versa. All you have to do is follow the link at the bottom of the screen and hit the ‘like’ button. Here, you’ll find the latest news and deals from Phantom Finder and who knows, once in a while you may come across an exclusive Facebook deal too, but we’ll say no more on that for now…

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If I Had One W15H…

For today’s modern bride, what better way is there than to arrive at your wedding in a top-of-the-range exclusive stunning white Rolls Royce Phantom? Ah, we thought you wouldn’t be able to think of one, and that’s because we know there isn’t a better way!

Our white Rolls Royce Phantoms are available for all occasions being particular popular for those big white English weddings, where class and elegance are key. However, for that bride or couple that want to be a little different, Phantom Finder now have an exclusive white Phantom with a unique number plate that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

The ‘MY W15H’ Phantom recently won an award at the Transport Broker Awards 2012, making it truly one of a kind. Being everything that you look for in a wedding car and more, driving up and leaving in this exclusive vehicle will guarantee to turn heads and ensure that all eyes are on you, as they only should be on the biggest day of your life.

Available nationwide, up and down the country, if this Phantom is the one that you want, we will get it to you! From Manchester, to Newcastle, from Birmingham to London and anywhere else in England where your wedding is due to take place, let Phantom Finder make your wish come true with this fantastic ‘MY W15H’ Rolls Royce.

Phantom-Finder Website Launches!

The year 2012 is finally here: a year with songs written about it before it even arrived, a year with numerous predictions made about what will happen to the world during its period… and the year that begins with the launch of the brand new Phantom Finder Luxury Car-Hire website!

With stylish and easy to use e-pages, Phantom Finder is a nationwide company that guarantees to provide you with some of the best deals in Rolls-Royce Phantom hire on the internet today. Priding themselves on quality of service and professionalism, Phantom Finder assure you that any dealings you have with the company will always be in utmost good faith and with your best intentions at heart. Aiming for each customer experience to be unique and tailor-made to that specific customers requirements, Phantom Finder provide that personal touch which is scarcely found in today’s day and age.

With a number of sleek and stunning Silver, Black and White Rolls-Royce Phantoms as well as the White Phantom Drophead Coupé available for chauffeur-driven hire, Phantom Finder are able to match any of these vehicles suitably to any event you may be hosting, or looking to arrive in perfect style to. With an in-depth consultation option, your Phantom will arrive driven by a professional and well-experienced and even multi-lingual chauffeur (if this is something you require), practically guaranteeing you a stress-free experience from beginning to end.

The launch of the website, www.phantomfinder.co.uk signifies an important step in the company’s development, unleashing their range of beautiful cars on a wider potential customer base across England. They ensure to provide you with a Rolls-Royce Phantom wherever in England you may require one, so there is no reason not to book through Phantom Finder today.

2012 is just the beginning for Phantom Finder’s e-journey, and with the potential and professionalism they have as a company they have many, many years stretched out on the road ahead of them. Peruse the new, easy-to-navigate-around website and familiarise yourself with the company’s goals, ethics, cars and maybe even get yourself a quick quote today. Phantom-Finder is the type of company that you will want to use time and time and time again.

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