A Day in the Life of a Wedding Car

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Car

It’s the morning of the big day and the chauffeur steps outside, dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a sweat shirt. He carried a bucket of warm soap water and a sponge and began soaping the roof of the Rolls Royce Phantom, its white coat of painted starting to glisten as the bubbles cleaned it.  A hose pipe lay nearby, stretching back to a water tap it was attached to and he rinsed the car as soon as the last part was soaped. The water drained into the driveway and trickled down the small channel of pathway into the grass. A chamois leather was extracted from his pocket and he began polishing the car and drying it. He preferred chamois leathers because they gave the car a wonderfully handsome gleam.

Once he was done with the car he re-entered his home to ready himself, having a time frame of an hour. Presently he came back out, dressed elegantly in a smart gray uniform, his black peaked hat brim and shiny buttons glistening in the morning sun. It was a pleasant June morning, around ten o’clock by then, and he walked to the car, clicking the remote to unlock it.

Proud and Handsome

The Rolls Royce Phantom stood proudly in the driveway and beeped gently as the doors were disarmed by the remote device in the chauffeur’s hand. He eased himself into the driver’s seat and closed the door behind him. It made a smooth click as it closed and he inserted the key, giving it a quick turn to fire up the engine. It was so quiet that he could barely hear it, but the gauges gave it away. His journey for the day would take him on a route of about forty miles round trip and he needed to make sure he had enough petrol to get him back. The garage was not far from his home, so he drove there en route to the pick-up point.

Upon arrival the chauffeur called the Phantom car hire company he worked for and informed them he was on site and ready. He got out of the car and walked to the bride’s front door, ringing the bell once and standing waiting. It must have been her father who came dashing to the door in a panic, shouting ‘oh goodness, the car is here, hurry!’

“She won’t be a moment, hang on…” said the man, dashing back inside to hurry the bride. Pretty soon he came back, blushing bride in tow and closed the front door behind them. The chauffeur dutifully opened the rear door for them to step inside and then closed it behind them, opening his own door and getting inside. He drove them to the venue and watched as they entered, waiting patiently for them to come back out to head for the reception.

Wedding Car Hire Blackpool

If Paris won’t do There’s Always Blackpool

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the entire world. People flock there every year for tourist reasons, to visit EuroDisney and to get married. The thing about Paris is that is it can be very expensive and therefore it might be suitable to find a perfect alternative that looks just as romantic under bright city lights.  But where else in the world has a romantic Tower under the shadow of which you might want to conduct your wedding ceremony? Yes, Blackpool.

Nestled into the north west coast of England, close to the Irish Sea, Blackpool has long been a favourite tourist location and holiday destination. The iconic tower that rises majestically from the Blackpool skyline closely resembles Paris’s Eiffel Tower and was completed in 1894, inspired by its French counterpart.  Standing at five-hundred and eighteen feet tall the spire rises over the entire city and is a beacon of the Lancashire coastline.

If you are looking for an alternative to Paris, you couldn’t do better than Blackpool and there is plenty to do there if you decide to make a vacation of it too. The tower itself offers a ballroom and other attractions that can be incorporated into your wedding plans and there is easy local hire of Rolls Royce Phantom wedding cars if you need a luxurious ride to your wedding venue.

A Little History

Since Blackpool Tower was granted its wedding license hundreds of couple have booked their wedding to take place at the top of the magnificent building. Not only that, but you can also get married outside of the regular 8:00am-6:00pm hours since the one hundred and seventy-six year ban was lifted. Now, Blackpool Tower offers round the clock weddings, so if you want to get married at midnight you can do so, under the stunning city lights. The wedding ceremony room at the Blackpool Tower stands at a height of three hundred and eighty feet inside the five centimeter thick Blackpool Eye glass room.  There, you will have a view of miles of the Lancashire coastline heading both north and south and a full panoramic view of the entire city of Blackpool. As well as that you get to stand on a glass floor—not so much fun if you are terrified of heights—and you take the glass walk around the tower and enjoy seeing the world from a totally new angle.

So, if you have done your figures and you think that Paris might be a little tight on the wedding budget, how about taking a closer look at the Blackpool Tower instead? You might want to take a browse around the tower website and see what else they have to offer.

Do Us All a Favour

Wedding favours are an intrinsic part of the wedding celebration. Once the ceremony is over, the reception dinner is the place where the newlyweds, family and friends get to celebrate the happy union and there is no better gift that to set out bridal favours for each guest.

Normally, if the reception dinner is a sit down dinner with silver service, the bridal favours will be placed at each place setting so that each person gets a gift. These can come in all shapes and sizes, from sugared almonds to mints and other candy, or a small gift that represents  and honours the day.

The style of the packaging can speak volumes and there are also as many sizes and shapes of those as there are gift ideas. You could opt for tiny little tuxedo bags or bridal gown bags to put them in. You could also choose something floral or abstract, depending on the décor and colour choice for your wedding. Some couples even choose tiny little topiary place settings that resemble small trees or plants. You really could decide on anything, depending on your budget.

If you are getting married in a certain location that could be a tourist attraction you might want to opt for a small token from that place, for example the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Seattle Space Needle or other attraction. Anything topical or personalized is perfect for containing a gift or being the gift.

His and Hers

As the bride and groom, you will probably choose gifts for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you will need to personalize those too. Jewellery is often a commonly chosen gift to show your gratitude for their assistance on your big day and rings or necklaces and bracelets are a good choice. You can also choose to have them engraved if you wish, or just leave them plain.

The Best Man should probably have an individual gift, as should the chief bridesmaid, by way of a special ‘thank you’. These gifts can be anything you wish. For the Best Man, jewellery, a model of a Phantom wedding car, after shave, a wallet, a watch or something personal would work well. For the chief bridesmaid, jewellery, perfume, a handbag, or a specific gift you know they will appreciate is ideal. They should probably be a little more special owing to their service, but you should also try to be as fair across your entire helpers as you can.

Children also play a part in ceremonies and jewellery is a perfect gift for them too. You can also buy them gift certificates or something you know they will appreciate. Putting thought into your personal gifts will give the recipients not only a day to remember, but something to look at in memory of it too.

How to Hire the Best Wedding Photographer for your Big Day

Hiring a photographer is one of the trickiest aspects of organising a wedding.  You want beautiful photographs of your special day to remember forever and show future generations, but how do you ensure that the photographer you’re hiring is a professional, who will do a good job on the day?  By carrying out some research and following these simple tips, hiring a wedding photographer doesn’t have to be a headache!

Do your Research

Sometimes, the best wedding photographers are those recommended by friends and family, but if you’re not lucky enough to know anyone who recently got married, then you can do your own research to find a photographer.  It’s best to choose somebody local – you want to meet up with your chosen photographer to discuss what you’re looking for and find out what services they can provide.

Think About Style

Consider the style of your wedding, and the type of photographs you would like to have.  Browsing online will show you examples of the different styles of wedding photography available today, from traditional wedding photographs to reportage style, where the photographer literally begins shooting at the start of the day – so you’ll have images of everyone getting ready, eating, having their hair done and so forth.  Reportage style is increasingly popular for contemporary weddings as it provides a complete ‘behind the scenes’ collection of images which are great to look back on!

Work to your Budget

Prices for wedding photography can and do vary greatly, depending on the experience of the photographer involved, their equipment, the size of their business and other factors.  A large photography studio in central London will charge substantially more for their services than a tiny studio run by one person.  When choosing a photographer, it’s best to ring around a few options for a quote.  By speaking to the photographer in person, you’ll get an instant feel for whether you could hire this person, and will be able to compare rates.

Meeting your Photographer

It’s important to meet with your prospective photographer to go through exactly what your vision is for your wedding day.  Any professional photographer will usually want to visit the venue to get a feel for the layout, and plan where they might take their shots.  A good photographer can navigate around a wedding unobtrusively – they only have one chance to capture a moment, such as the exchange of rings, and so they need to be the best at what they do!  They also need to be good with people and be able to gather groups for portrait sessions as well as having the necessary skills and equipment to turn your vision into a reality!

If you’re having reportage style photography, it can be a good idea to take advantage of wedding car hire London.  The photographer can travel with the wedding party and capture the excitement of the bridge and/or groom as they arrive at the venue!

Remember, choosing a photographer shouldn’t be an impossible task – always ask to see examples of their previous work and go with your gut instinct. Make sure you find out exactly what they will provide for the rate quoted, and most importantly, choose a photographer that you like and will enjoy having at your wedding.

Honeymooning Ideas

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most, important days of your life. You spend months, possibly years planning every little fine detail, right down to the last letter and you hope that the day goes without a hitch; no pun intended!  Most couples also plan some kind of honeymoon to head off to after the wedding.  They choose exotic locations, far off destinations or even something a couple of hundred miles up the road, but it’s their choice and their honeymoon.

If you are getting married soon you might have given the idea of a honeymoon plenty of thought too. Your honeymoon is easily as important as your choice of wedding car, venue and wedding breakfast catering. You may have a destination in mind that you have never been to but really love the idea of seeing. You may also be deciding to go back to a place that has many fond memories for you both.  Whichever applies in your case, there are a few things to consider before you put your money on the table.

I heard Stories…

Shows like Watchdog and consumer rights programs often highlight horror stories of couples who have purchased a honeymoon package from a reputable travel company, only to find that when they arrive at their destination it’s the holiday from hell. If these stories terrify you and your spouse-to-be, look into the destination further, before you book. Check reviews from websites, ask in an online forum where people discuss places they have visited. Try to get a clear picture of what to expect before you spend money with your travel agent. Also, make sure your travel agent is regulated by all the organizations—usually ABTA and ATOL—you would expect from them. This at least guarantees that you recoup some of your lost money if your honeymoon doesn’t shape up as you hoped.

On the Good Side

On the good side, these stories are very rare, but it’s worth highlighting them, just to advise people. Most honeymoon destinations end up being the perfect holiday for the newly-weds and they leave the place with some wonderful experiences and memories tucked under their belts. Many destinations offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages and some will offer the entire wedding package in one bundle. Obviously not everyone will choose that option if they are getting married in England, but the choice is there.  Choosing your honeymoon really depends on the kinds of people you and your spouse are. You may be sunbathers extraordinaire and want nothing more than to lounge by the pool. Or, you may be the outdoor adventurous types who want to go mountaineering or parachuting. Whatever you decide to choose for your honeymoon destination, make sure you take out the right insurance and protection, including travel and medical, to ensure a trouble free experience and a honeymoon to remember.

Happy Birthday Phantom

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the revamped Rolls Royce Phantom. Back in the day, it was the first BMW owned Rolls Royce Phantom to come off the factory floor. In 2003 the first new version of the Rolls Royce Phantom was a modern, sleek and pristine version of its predecessors with some noticeable changes to both the interior and the exterior.

Gone was the sloped hatch-back look—even though it wasn’t an actual hatch-back—and in came the saloon/sedan look. The body had a more rounded appearance, replacing what could have been construed as harsh lines, with softened curves. The grille was still instantly recognizable but it blended more with the front of the car and the headlamps were integrated, rather than separate. It sort of brought the whole image of Rolls Royce into the 21st century, yet still keeping that familiar romantic image that it has always had. The seamless transition came after a break of more than twelve years. Some might say that 1991 to 2003 were more like the wilderness years for Rolls Royce. The company itself had fallen into some financial difficulty and business was not booming. During those years, Rolls negotiated with BMW and finally handed the keys over to them in 1998, after BMW beat Volkswagen in a six month bidding war.

It seemed like the end of an era and many were skeptical that the standard they had all come to expect from Rolls Royce would not hold up. However, under the loving wings of BMW, the company has actually tripled its workforce and more than quadrupled its output. In 2002 Rolls Royce was kicking out a mere one car per day from its factory in Goodwood—mostly due to declining sales—but today it manufactures a total of twenty in each work shift. Production has never been more popular and the workforce, a group of highly trained interns and apprentices included, puts together the most recognizable vehicles in the entire world.

Rolls Royce is a legend in its own lifetime and there was no real way it was ever going to disappear, but, despite fears, it has made one heck of an astonishing comeback, thanks to BMW. In 2013, the Rolls Royce Phantom is celebrating its tenth anniversary since the 2003 versions were unveiled. The three versions of the Phantom that are available are the Drophead, the Drophead Coupe and the Sedan/Saloon versions. All three have the sleek and noticeable style that is a trademark of the Rolls Royce car company and they have become a car of choice for some celebrities. David Beckham owned one, which he recently sold for a staggering $250,000 and other celebrities are following suit. At least we know for sure that the Phantom will be haunting our streets for a very long time to come.

Black is Back

As we generally associate black cars with politicians, royalty, diplomats or sad occasions, we generally don’t think of a black luxury car for use at a wedding. It’s almost as though some people can only see the colour white for a wedding and the colour black for a funeral.  Although it does make sense to think of black for a more solemn occasion, this notion is changing.  Many couples are accessorizing their weddings using black as the new white.

The difference with black against white is that it can appeal to people who want a more regal appearance to their wedding.  A black Rolls Royce Phantom, for example could be the one luxurious item on your list that you may never have considered before. It can also appeal to those who are having a Prom night, Graduation night or any special occasion that requires the use of a luxury car for the ride.

Inside, there is little difference between the interior of a white Rolls Royce Phantom or a black one, but the outside has a Royal look which can enhance your family function or wedding to the highest degree. Pulling up at your Prom night in a black Rolls Royce Phantom will certainly get you some eye-catching attention from your peers in the same way that a Royal car will have on the crowds as it passes through the streets. It’s that special feeling of opulence and lavishness that comes with sitting inside a black Rolls Royce Phantom. The notion of being chauffeur driven around town in a car that everyone will stare at offers star quality that is hard to resist.

When you sit inside the back of a customized version of a black Rolls Royce Phantom you might find it more like an airplane seat. It will have a tilting personal video and TV screen and fold down table, just like an aircraft. There are also personal speakers in the back of the seat. The front of the car resembles a flight deck belonging to the most advanced airplane and the luxury is more than first class could ever offer.

If you have ever even considered the idea of hiring a black Rolls Royce Phantom for a function or wedding and maybe put the thought out of your head, why not revisit the idea again with a fresh pair of eyes?  Many famous people have long running relationships with black Rolls Royce Phantom. David Beckham parted company with his in 2012 and it sold for a quarter of a million pounds, so hiring one and having your own chauffeur to take you everywhere would certainly put you in this elite group, even for a short time. Go ahead and give the black a try!

The Old Phantom of London Town

Phantom Wedding CarThere used to be Ghosts all over London Town, but in 1925 a different apparition hit the streets. It was known as the Phantom and had been put there especially to replace the Ghosts. Of course, we are not talking ghouls here, but cars. The Rolls Royce Phantom was the successor to the Silver Ghost, produced between 1906 and 1926. The Ghost, until then, had been stamped as the ‘best car in the world’, an accolade not awarded by Rolls Royce itself, but a car magazine, published in 1907, called ‘Autocar’. From that, the Rolls Royce reputation was sealed and the magazine’s review of the car made it ever more popular. In order to keep up with the changing trends in car manufacturing, Rolls Royce insisted on constantly perfecting new versions of their chassis and valve system to further improve the best driving experience on the road.

Nowadays, Phantom hire in London is highly popular. When the Phantom took over from its predecessor it quickly took the reins and ran with it. In terms of design, the Phantom differed largely from the first model of the Ghost by including a fixed roof. The first Ghost had been a four seat open-top car which, as handsome as it was, was impractical for driving in wet weather. Later models of the Ghost did include a fixed roof, setting a precedent for The Phantom’s entrance in 1925.

As the years rolled on, the Phantom evolved further from new technology and design options and each new model improved the standard and reputation of Rolls Royce even more. By the time the Phantom VI came into production, Rolls Royce had the reputation of being the car of diplomats and Royalty around the world. Many a street parade saw the waving of a famous hand out of the window of a Phantom and many an award ceremony saw stars climbing out of the doors of one. It was truly the car of the stars. Moreover, when it came to the wedding car of choice, many brides, having seen all these stars, would choose the same car for their journey to the wedding.

It is extremely easy to locate a company that offers Phantom hire in London. The densely populated city has as many options as you can imagine for the dream car of your choice for your wedding. When you plan the big day, it is important to choose a luxury car that will serve all your needs. For those who are choosing a traditional or period wedding, a Phantom is ideal, with its luxurious and splendid appearance.

You can search for Phantom hire around London to locate a company close by, who can meet your requirements and get you to the venue on time!

White Rolls Royce Ghost

We’re delighted to reveal the newest addition to our collection, the Rolls Royce Ghost! Here at Phantom-finder, we’re a bit fussy about cars. Only the best will do. And the Ghost really is top quality, which is why we’re pleased to have it as a stunning new vehicle to add to the fleet.

The Ghost is a smaller, sleeker version of the Phantom, designed with simplicity in mind. It evokes the elegance and purest essence of the Rolls Royce. Impressive? We think so. The smooth contours are complimented perfectly by the way it glides along smoothly, thanks to the air-sprung suspension and powerful v12 engine which makes the journey feel effortless.

Along with the ride itself, there’s the simple fact of it’s show-stopping appearance. We’ve got a white Ghost, and the mirror-like finish really makes an impact on everyone it passes by. Added to that is the interior; furnished with soft cream leather, comforting deep pile carpets and wood and chrome detailing, the Ghost really knows how to make you feel like you’re reveling in luxury.

It’s a perfect car for weddings – the rear opening back doors and the low height of the interior serve to make the entrance of the bride both easy and memorable. No more struggling out of the door when you can simply step out in style! It’s almost as if it was designed to be chauffeur driven….good thing that’s what we’re offering! To complete the Ghost experience, our drivers make the ride relaxing, ensuring you get there refreshed, in style and with all the comfort that comes with a luxury car. The Ghost isn’t just a car, it’s an experience waiting to happen. And we’d say, definitely one worth seeing with your own eyes!

2012 Range-Rover Revealed!

Don’t get us wrong; we know we go on and on about Rolls-Royce Phantoms and Rolls-Royce Ghosts and everything else Rolls-Royce, but believe us when we say we do actually take a keen interest in other cars from time to time.

And this time it’s the all new 2012 Range Rover, revealed recently ahead of a public debut at Septembers Paris Motor Show; a car that let’s just say, we really wouldn’t mind getting our hands on at all!

The new Range Rover has that distinct Range Rover look, taking aspects of its design from other popular models in the Land Rover range especially its baby brother, the Evogue. However, it’s recent redesign for 2012 is smoother and more streamlined making it lighter and faster than any previous model. The new model has a longer wheelbase, one distinct difference from the outset which definitely makes this new car stand out on the road.

The Range Rover has already made Land Rover history, being the first time the car has been fitted with an all-aluminium body as opposed to its traditional steel one, making it around 39% lighter! Crazy, right? This new light-weight Range Rover model opens up new possibilities in regards to engine choices, much greater fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

The 2012 Range Rover also comes with even more luxury inside, taking aboard customer comments to improve what was already a pretty luxurious car as it was. There is now more space and easier access for rear-seat passengers, while the front cabin has a more refined, tidier and classier look.

Performance figures, specifications and pricing will be confirmed when the car goes on sale in early September so keep a look out if you’re interested in one of these badboys. We certainly are!

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