A Day in the Life of a Wedding Car

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Car

It’s the morning of the big day and the chauffeur steps outside, dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a sweat shirt. He carried a bucket of warm soap water and a sponge and began soaping the roof of the Rolls Royce Phantom, its white coat of painted starting to glisten as the bubbles cleaned it.  A hose pipe lay nearby, stretching back to a water tap it was attached to and he rinsed the car as soon as the last part was soaped. The water drained into the driveway and trickled down the small channel of pathway into the grass. A chamois leather was extracted from his pocket and he began polishing the car and drying it. He preferred chamois leathers because they gave the car a wonderfully handsome gleam.

Once he was done with the car he re-entered his home to ready himself, having a time frame of an hour. Presently he came back out, dressed elegantly in a smart gray uniform, his black peaked hat brim and shiny buttons glistening in the morning sun. It was a pleasant June morning, around ten o’clock by then, and he walked to the car, clicking the remote to unlock it.

Proud and Handsome

The Rolls Royce Phantom stood proudly in the driveway and beeped gently as the doors were disarmed by the remote device in the chauffeur’s hand. He eased himself into the driver’s seat and closed the door behind him. It made a smooth click as it closed and he inserted the key, giving it a quick turn to fire up the engine. It was so quiet that he could barely hear it, but the gauges gave it away. His journey for the day would take him on a route of about forty miles round trip and he needed to make sure he had enough petrol to get him back. The garage was not far from his home, so he drove there en route to the pick-up point.

Upon arrival the chauffeur called the Phantom car hire company he worked for and informed them he was on site and ready. He got out of the car and walked to the bride’s front door, ringing the bell once and standing waiting. It must have been her father who came dashing to the door in a panic, shouting ‘oh goodness, the car is here, hurry!’

“She won’t be a moment, hang on…” said the man, dashing back inside to hurry the bride. Pretty soon he came back, blushing bride in tow and closed the front door behind them. The chauffeur dutifully opened the rear door for them to step inside and then closed it behind them, opening his own door and getting inside. He drove them to the venue and watched as they entered, waiting patiently for them to come back out to head for the reception.

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