How to Hire the Best Wedding Photographer for your Big Day

Hiring a photographer is one of the trickiest aspects of organising a wedding.  You want beautiful photographs of your special day to remember forever and show future generations, but how do you ensure that the photographer you’re hiring is a professional, who will do a good job on the day?  By carrying out some research and following these simple tips, hiring a wedding photographer doesn’t have to be a headache!

Do your Research

Sometimes, the best wedding photographers are those recommended by friends and family, but if you’re not lucky enough to know anyone who recently got married, then you can do your own research to find a photographer.  It’s best to choose somebody local – you want to meet up with your chosen photographer to discuss what you’re looking for and find out what services they can provide.

Think About Style

Consider the style of your wedding, and the type of photographs you would like to have.  Browsing online will show you examples of the different styles of wedding photography available today, from traditional wedding photographs to reportage style, where the photographer literally begins shooting at the start of the day – so you’ll have images of everyone getting ready, eating, having their hair done and so forth.  Reportage style is increasingly popular for contemporary weddings as it provides a complete ‘behind the scenes’ collection of images which are great to look back on!

Work to your Budget

Prices for wedding photography can and do vary greatly, depending on the experience of the photographer involved, their equipment, the size of their business and other factors.  A large photography studio in central London will charge substantially more for their services than a tiny studio run by one person.  When choosing a photographer, it’s best to ring around a few options for a quote.  By speaking to the photographer in person, you’ll get an instant feel for whether you could hire this person, and will be able to compare rates.

Meeting your Photographer

It’s important to meet with your prospective photographer to go through exactly what your vision is for your wedding day.  Any professional photographer will usually want to visit the venue to get a feel for the layout, and plan where they might take their shots.  A good photographer can navigate around a wedding unobtrusively – they only have one chance to capture a moment, such as the exchange of rings, and so they need to be the best at what they do!  They also need to be good with people and be able to gather groups for portrait sessions as well as having the necessary skills and equipment to turn your vision into a reality!

If you’re having reportage style photography, it can be a good idea to take advantage of wedding car hire London.  The photographer can travel with the wedding party and capture the excitement of the bridge and/or groom as they arrive at the venue!

Remember, choosing a photographer shouldn’t be an impossible task – always ask to see examples of their previous work and go with your gut instinct. Make sure you find out exactly what they will provide for the rate quoted, and most importantly, choose a photographer that you like and will enjoy having at your wedding.

Honeymooning Ideas

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most, important days of your life. You spend months, possibly years planning every little fine detail, right down to the last letter and you hope that the day goes without a hitch; no pun intended!  Most couples also plan some kind of honeymoon to head off to after the wedding.  They choose exotic locations, far off destinations or even something a couple of hundred miles up the road, but it’s their choice and their honeymoon.

If you are getting married soon you might have given the idea of a honeymoon plenty of thought too. Your honeymoon is easily as important as your choice of wedding car, venue and wedding breakfast catering. You may have a destination in mind that you have never been to but really love the idea of seeing. You may also be deciding to go back to a place that has many fond memories for you both.  Whichever applies in your case, there are a few things to consider before you put your money on the table.

I heard Stories…

Shows like Watchdog and consumer rights programs often highlight horror stories of couples who have purchased a honeymoon package from a reputable travel company, only to find that when they arrive at their destination it’s the holiday from hell. If these stories terrify you and your spouse-to-be, look into the destination further, before you book. Check reviews from websites, ask in an online forum where people discuss places they have visited. Try to get a clear picture of what to expect before you spend money with your travel agent. Also, make sure your travel agent is regulated by all the organizations—usually ABTA and ATOL—you would expect from them. This at least guarantees that you recoup some of your lost money if your honeymoon doesn’t shape up as you hoped.

On the Good Side

On the good side, these stories are very rare, but it’s worth highlighting them, just to advise people. Most honeymoon destinations end up being the perfect holiday for the newly-weds and they leave the place with some wonderful experiences and memories tucked under their belts. Many destinations offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages and some will offer the entire wedding package in one bundle. Obviously not everyone will choose that option if they are getting married in England, but the choice is there.  Choosing your honeymoon really depends on the kinds of people you and your spouse are. You may be sunbathers extraordinaire and want nothing more than to lounge by the pool. Or, you may be the outdoor adventurous types who want to go mountaineering or parachuting. Whatever you decide to choose for your honeymoon destination, make sure you take out the right insurance and protection, including travel and medical, to ensure a trouble free experience and a honeymoon to remember.

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